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Return Policy

Return/Cancellation Policy

At Kyri Media, we are committed to providing our clients with high-quality videos that meet their expectations and specifications. We understand the importance of delivering content that aligns with the agreed-upon style and content guidelines. However, we recognize that there might be situations where discrepancies arise. This policy outlines our approach to returns and cancellations in cases where the videos delivered differ substantially from the agreed-upon style.

1. Refund Eligibility

Clients are eligible for a refund if the videos delivered are significantly different from the style that was agreed upon during the project initiation. To qualify for a refund, the following conditions must be met:

The client has clear documentation or communication that outlines the agreed-upon style, content, or visual elements of the videos.
The delivered videos deviate substantially from the agreed-upon style, ma
king them unusable or inconsistent with the client's requirements.

2. Refund Process

If the client believes that the delivered videos do not adhere to the agreed-upon style, they must follow these steps to initiate the refund process:

Step 1: Contact our customer support team within 2 days of receiving the videos. Provide specific details about the discrepancies between the delivered videos and the agreed-upon style. This could include screenshots, notes, or any other relevant documentation.

Step 2: Our team will review the provided information and assess whether the delivered videos indeed deviate significantly from the agreed-upon style. This assessment may involve comparing the delivered videos to the documented style guidelines.

Step 3: If it is determined that the delivered videos do not align with the agreed-upon style, we will initiate the refund process. The refund amount will cover only the videos that were produced with the incorrect style. Any videos that were created according to the agreed-upon style will not be eligible for a refund.

3. Refund Amount

The refund amount will be calculated based on the number of videos that were delivered with a style inconsistent with the client's requirements. The refund will be processed using the original payment method used for the project.

4. Alternative Solutions

In some cases, instead of a refund, we might offer to rework the videos to bring them in line with the agreed-upon style. The client can choose whether they prefer a refund or a revision.

5. Exceptional Circumstances

This policy is designed to address situations where there are clear discrepancies between the delivered videos and the agreed-upon style. In exceptional circumstances where a resolution cannot be reached based on this policy, we will work closely with the client to find a fair and mutually agreeable solution.

By working together and adhering to this policy, we aim to ensure that our clients receive the videos they envisioned and maintain a positive experience with Kyri Media.

Note: This policy is subject to change without prior notice. Clients are advised to review the policy on our official website or contact our customer support for the most up-to-date information.

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